• Certified Home Inspections

    Certified Home Inspections

    Looking for A Home Inspector in Springfield, Missouri? Hire the best!

  • Commercial Inspections

    Commercial Inspections

    We can help reduce production downtime and hazards, while increasing performance and your bottom line.

  • What Makes Us The Best?

    What Makes Us The Best?

    We have the best inspectors, the best technology and the best customer service.

  • The Power of Infrared

    The Power of Infrared

    We can uncover problems that are invisible to the naked eye.

Mirowski Inspections in Springfield MO is Your Premier Inspection Company

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Who Is Mirowski Inspections?

Mirowski Inspections in Springfield MO  is your premier inspection company that services Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Equine customers.  We inspect everything from houses to horses using the latest technologies and delivering easy to understand detailed reports and superior customer service.

Why Choose Mirowski Inspections For Your Springfield MO Inspection?

Three big reasons to choose Mirowski Inspections:

We hire veterans(1) Our Inspectors:  The biggest benefit of hiring Mirowski Inspections is the well-trained and professional inspectors.  Our inspectors are constantly upgrading their education and training to stay up to date on technology advancements and continuously changing systems.

(2) Our Technology:  Infrared inspection (also known as Thermography) is a key diagnostic tool for thorough home inspections. Infrared inspections are a non-invasive, non-contact and cost effective way to detect and document defects.

(3) Our Customer Service:  From a dedicated customer service team to inspectors well versed in customer service, our team will make sure you walk away with a confident and complete understanding of your home inspection’s outcome.

These three things are what truly set us apart, not to mention we also have a unique set of product offerings that will meet all your inspection needs.