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Stay Connected With Just One Touch

Mirowski Inspections, LLC’s agent dashboard is a platform designed with the needs of professional real estate agents in mind. It's a one-stop solution to monitor inspector availability, schedule inspections, and view your client's inspection details, all at your fingertips.

How It Works

Our agent dashboard is built with URLs for each real estate professional. Each agent has a unique URL that serves as a gateway to a plethora of functionalities. From your dashboard, you can view all your reports, schedule inspections, and even update personal information such as phone numbers, email addresses, and profile pictures. This URL can be saved on smartphones, iPads, laptops, tablets, or any other smart device with an internet connection for quick and easy access.

walk-n-talk inspection service with mirowski inspections
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How It Helps

The aim is to streamline your tasks, from ordering a home inspection, termite pest inspection, or septic inspection to scheduling a reinspection or seasonal maintenance inspection.

You get easy access to your dashboard right from your mobile phone, or other devices. With one touch, you can call or email Mirowski Inspections, LLC, book a home consultation, radon testing, commercial building consultation, flat roof infrared scans, or a walk-n-talk inspection. Basically, you stay connected with us with just one touch.

With your individual URL, real estate agents can update their own information, including pictures and logos.

Enjoy the simplicity of updating your information, the ease of accessing previous reports without any hassle or sorting, and the convenience of viewing inspection availability.

Remember, it's not just about ordering an inspection; it's about making your job easier. With the Mirowski Inspections real estate dashboard, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.