Mirowski Inspections: Frequently Asked Questions

At Mirowski Inspections, we offer comprehensive inspection services for residential and commercial properties using the latest technology. Our certified inspectors are committed to delivering thorough and unbiased reports across a range of services.

  • What is It? An objective examination of a house’s structure and systems.
  • Necessity: Identifies potential issues and informs buyers.
  • Duration: Typically 2-4 hours, varying by property size.
  • Report Clarity: Detailed yet easy to understand, with photos and explanations.
  • Code Compliance: Focuses on property observation, not code compliance.
  • Infrared Inspections: Reveals hidden issues using thermal imaging.
  • FHA 203k Loans: Covers property repair/improvement costs in the mortgage.
  • Property Types: Includes single-family homes, duplexes, triplexes, 4-plexes, and certain condos.
  • Improvements: Energy-efficient upgrades, roof repairs, kitchen remodeling, etc.
  • Purpose: Detects heat variations to prevent electrical failures.
  • Frequency: Recommended annually for preventive maintenance.
  • Benefits: Early issue detection, operational safety, cost savings.
  • What is It? Non-invasive method to detect moisture in roofs.
  • Importance: Prevents extensive roof damage.
  • Process: Infrared camera identifies thermal variances indicating moisture.
  • Best Time for Scan: Evening or night after a sunny day.
  • Contact Us: For more details or specific queries, reach out at 417-873-9517.